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    100% Pure Natural Hair, our Platinum Blonde Bombshell hair texture is what’s poppin’! This hair is FULLY babe approved by our BOLD Babes! Our platinum Blonde Bombshell hair is exactly what it’s called—A BOMBSHELL.


    This hair will definitely have you turning heads from a mile away Honey! Our platinum Blonde Bombshell hair is also often used by babes who want to dye their extensions to a lighter color. Dying blonde hair cuts processing time drastically.

  • Additional Info.

    Complete your install with our matching lace frontal or lace closure.




    How Many Bundles Do You Need ?

    12”-20” 3 bundles|  22”-30” 4 bundles +

    12"-16" 95 g-100 g | 16"-20" 90 g-95 g| 22"-26" 85 g-90 g | 28"- 30" 80 g-90 g




    Our Platinum Blonde Bombshell hair has been carefully dyed to achieve a brilliant, blonde shade that we know you’ll love!




    All Extreme Hair products undergo multiple quality processing to ensure that we provide you with The Absolute Best!




    Please note: Since each bundle has been collected from one donor, bundles may vary in shades. No two bundles will have the exact pattern or color.




    Due to the nature of the products we sell; and for hygienic purposes, all sales are FINAL. No Returns and No Exchanges.

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